Team Roboy

Every story has a beginning and even great stories start small: the heart of the develop team consist of one writer and two writer/producers. Introducing our first three creators: Michiel Snijders, Arnoud Rijken and on the far right Patz van der Sloot.

Writers, Producers Arnoud Rijken and Michiel Snijders: il Luster Since 1997 Arnoud Rijken en Michiel Snijder have been producing animation with their company il Luster. They produced over 50 shorts in different techniques and styles, from abstract to cartoon. And they wrote and produced shorts, animated series and feature films. Both studied Film and television at the University of Utrecht and specialised in dramaturgy. Next to producing the animated shorts they have always been involved as script editors. After writing scripts for commissioned works and shorts they ‘outed’ themselves as ‘authors’ with writing “Triple Trouble”, the first animation feature in the Netherlands based on an original concept. Only one feature had been made in 1984 and the production of “Triple Trouble’ started a renaissance for feature production in the Netherlands.

Their next written (and delegated produced) animation feature “Woezel & Pip en de sloddervos” will premiere januari 2016.

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Writer Patz van der Sloot. After a career as art director an creative director for advertising agencies Patz started in 2009 “het Wonderbaarlijke verhalen*laboratorium CircusPatz” (the miraculous story*laboratory CircusPatz) to develop stories and story worlds. This lead to a dozen of richly illustrated books and adventurous toys. In 2015 the first two Circus Patz instores opened. Patz works with different authors and illustrators. He  develops the story concept and story arc, being a editor during the actual writing. Under the alias Acke Vaerle Patz wrote ‘De Buitengewoon Opmerkelijke Dagboeken van Gregor Groentestein’. (The Extraordinary Remarkable Diaries of Victor Veggiestein) The television and film rights of this book are sold to AT Anim from Brussels. They develop the film project under the name “Victor Veggiestein”. Patz also developed “Petit Jules” a tv series based on the fictional youth of jules Verne. Belgium company Grid bought the television and film rights.

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