It’s Tarzan! With Robots!


Unlike most European presentations at CARTOON MOVIE, we presented our project with a clear and short tagline. And not having any final visual art yet, we decided to do our mandatory ‘lunch-teaser’ with just that one tagline and a little bit of sound design, timing the words just right.

‘Its Tarzan.. with robots…. Tarzan with ROBOTS … WITH ROBOTS!! … cool… ROBOY’.
It was a dead-simple tongue in cheeck kind of thing.

We got the laughs we were hoping for. The film is not really a comedy, but a teaser at CARTOON is a way to lure people to the show, so .. well it worked, it teased and lured people to the presentation.

2016-03-04 13.33.41The three of us presented the idea, the concept, the main character, some early concept art-work, the themes and our our ambtions. And then our time was over. Hopefully leaving people wanting for more.

In our strategy the ‘in concept presentation’ at CARTOON is sort of a ‘debutant ball’ for the film. We are still in early development and were not aiming for landing big coproduction deals or sales but to claim the idea, set up for next year and maybe catch some early interets.

2016-03-04 18.34.38

Which we did. Of course we did: it’s Tarzan! .. with Robots!

We had some nice meetings that all logically came down to: keep us informed, we like it.

IMG-20160306-WA0002We used the rest of the event to introduce ourselves to other producers, distributors and to reconnect with many co-producing collegues and our Dutch collegues. And to have some good food and fun.

At some time we had so much fun (and food and drinks) it almost hurt. All part of the networking! All part of the job.
Monday we’ll be organizing all the business cards and following up on all meetings.

And now it is back to the drawing board and the writing machine! We promised many people that the script will be ready early this summer!