Selling a wonderful car

At the beginning of March we present our movie-under-construction ‘Roboy’ on Cartoon Movie in Lyon, France. Cartoon Movie is a ‘pitching event intended to create a synergy between producers, investors and distributors of feature-length animation films’. In short; we hope to find partners to co-produce our story.

The last months we focused on the storyline of Roboy. Of course we have some idea’s about the look

and feel of the movie but our main target was to transform the concept of a boy brought up by robots into an exciting adventure where families (and tweens) can relate to. And that will be the challenge on Cartoon Movie; we must show people how wonderful this ‘brand new car’ can be.  Without showing the actual car. All we have are sketches and moodboards, simply produced to give us some direction, to help us develop the storylines. Now the story is more or less ready we really felt that the artwork was not helping us to show the audience on Cartoon Movie the potential of the story. We needed new artwork without starting a whole development-fase.

So what’s the strategy?

For the presentation on Cartoon Movie we have three tools; we can tell people the potential of our story, we can show people how enthusiastic we are and…we must can give a taste of how amazing the look and feel of Roboy will be if we do it right. We need to show the story in 5 wonderful mood- or storyboards, representing all the elements of the movie. The new exciting world of Roboy, the innovative character of Roboy versus the programs doctrine of the robots, the discovery of the second part of the wreckage in a dark and dangerous place in the jungle, the first contact with his human-family, the brute research of his robot family by scientists and of course the ‘end battle’ where Roboy chooses his true family; the Robots.

For this artwork we focus on the look of Roboy and his older ‘brother-robot’ I-Saac. Those two main characters must be at least 65% right. The designs must help us to sell the story.

We asked Leo de Wijs for the ’65% right’ sketches. I worked with Leo on the development of The Pluym Family, a story based interactive educational program. For the storyboard-like cinematographic visuals -who will include the designs of Leo- we asked Paco Vink from the Anikey Studio’s. My writers-in-arms Michiel Snijders and Arnoud Rijken worked with Paco on several big animation features as ‘Trippel Trappel’ (director) and the ‘Woezel and Pip’ movie (storyboards).

So the prologue of the Cartoon Movie presentation has started. We ‘ll keep you posted!


Photo's. Top: Leo and Patz at the Story*laboratory of CircusPatz. Bottom: Arnoud, Paco and Albert at the Anikey Studio's.


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