Getting the Science ‘right’.

We met up met Bas Haring last monday. He is professor Artificial Intelligence at the University of Utrecht and the author of a great book about the subject: “The Iron Wil” (de IJzeren Wil). We talked about our film story and the science part of the science fiction we are producing.

It is great to talk about this film idea as if it is real thing. “What if ..” is the start for any great science fiction idea and for philosophy. The light version of philosophy in our case: we had beers, we laughed a lot. We discussed the idea of a boy that grows up in an family of robots and the fact that this boy also thinks he is a robot. We ‘tetsed’ some of our fictional events and ‘facts’ on him and in general it was all given the ‘scientific’ stamp of approval: “yeah could happen”. Which is kind of all you want as creatives that take science fiction serious. As said: it wasn’t really hard work research, just great to discuss the idea and enjoy the company and conversation of a real expert on the subject.

One thing really stuck in our minds though. Bas said: ‘please do not give the robots or the boy some magical ability that makes the whole story possible, because you don’t need it’. He is right. It should all be science based. Not some fantasy thing. The very near future of robotics and especially artificial intelligence will be fantastic enough.

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