Research – not a dull thing

One of the great things about writing can be the research. It might sound dull, but we don’t really go and dig up information in moldy old libraries, or study lengthy articles or spend hours investigating. No it’s fun.

We intuitively roll go from watching films with cool robots, to reading short newspaper clippings (we use Blendle to constantly keep us up to date on the word ‘robot’) and browse some pictures and enjoy novels (the classics).
It is nice to learn a lot about one specific topic and to use that knowledge. It inspires and actually gives us great ideas for the drama. Some things you can not make up!
And now the three of us enjoy discussing Artificial Intelligence philosophy. What is the difference between a programmed robot and a simple life form like an ant? Why do we call the ant alive and the robot not alive? And what would we need in our story to make the machines ‘smart’ or even have ‘emotions’. And can they have emotions? What are emotions?

Without spoiling the whole script we are currently writing; those discussions, and some of the answers to those questions will be relevant in the story. And we want to make the philosophy work. It has to be ‘right’ even though it is al fiction.. it is SCIENCE fiction.

Luckily we found this great book about the subject. And the author of the book is willing to talk to us!

exciting research

– to be continued –

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