Month: December 2015

Getting the Science ‘right’.

We met up met Bas Haring last monday. He is professor Artificial Intelligence at the University of Utrecht and the author of a great book about the subject: “The Iron Wil” (de IJzeren Wil). We talked about our film story and the… Read More

Presenting at CARTOON MOVIE 2016

Roboy will be an international co-production. Presenting a project at an international sales event or co-production platform is one of the most efficient ways to meet possible co-producers, distributors, sales agents, networks and many other parties that could collaborate… Read More

Research – not a dull thing

One of the great things about writing can be the research. It might sound dull, but we don’t really go and dig up information in moldy old libraries, or study lengthy articles or spend hours investigating. No it’s… Read More