First baby steps

It is a long journey from having an idea to finally having a film in cinemas around Europe. We will probably repeat this phrase a lot the coming years. But it is true. But why?

If we would take the point of view of the audience (you) and consider the whole process of getting this animated film off the ground as a long wait, more then half of that time is waiting for the film production to get started. Most of the wait is developing the idea and the financing.

Financing an animated film of 5 million euros will take at least two co-producers, fifteen parties for financing, distributors and tv-networks. We need to get them all interested, then we need them convinced of the reality (yes it will happen!) and then it will take months to get all the contracts. Even that is complex and takes a lot of time.

We’ll not bore you with the details.
The process is one of baby steps. We will keep you posted here of those steps. Steps that often need to be taken in a very specific order. And the first steps are the hardest.
Right now we are preparing a presentation at CARTOON movie where we’ll try to interest collegues from around Europe (co-producers, distributors et cetera) and we have put in a proposal at ‘Creative Europe’ wich hopefully will help the financing of the development.
To be eligible for this you need quite some documents (practice steps). For example a letter of interest from a tv-network. Baby step. Goal is to find a network executive that likes the idea (even though it is still in early development!) and who thinks it fits their programming (somewhere in the far future).

So we are proud to say: we have got a letter of intent from the Dutch network AVRO-TROS!  If they can actually help finance the film will all depend on how we continue from here on with the script et cetera et cetera, but it is a great feeling that there is the intent! It feels good to have a letter saying ‘ yes we like this idea and beleive in te team ‘.

Baby dance 😉


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