An extra pair of eyes

When you tell what in which way to the audience of a film, is key to how exiting, dramatic and or how funny things will be for that audience.
As writers we can sometime manipulate time like gods: ‘shall we introduce this character now? Or shall we wait and make her even more sad?’ and ‘Do we want him to find [insert information here]?’ or ‘shall we show the whole thing here or leave [insert mystery] a mystery?’
And while we are writing, it is often quite difficult to really ‘read’ the consequences of the choices we make in that regard.

For that, you need  an extra pair of very well trained eyes.IMG-20151110-WA0003 (1)

So, although we have a team of three writers (two of them in the picture) we can often really use an expert to look over our shoulder: Ernie Tee (top left in the frame) is doing just that. Ernie is our script editor for the project. He analyses the script and holds up the mirror to our film-to-be. Very often story structure is discussed.

The flip-over is what happens when we get back to the office…

There we start with the puzzle..


IMG-20151110-WA0004 (1)

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