Welcome to our journey!

RB_strandfotoAnd here we are; proud to announce the development of the animation feature film Roboy. Like every great journey this journey starts small. One rookie movie writer (The grey guy on the right) and two writers/producers with the same dream. We want to develop and produce something amazing. And we think we found it in our story of Roboy, Prince of Robots. Like Tarzan grew up in a familie of apes, our young hero Roboy lives on a deserted island with a group of Robots as his family. Roboy never met a human and due to a mysterious chip in his brain he connects wireless with the robots. You could say he thinks he’s a robot to…or do the robots think they are human?  A story about growing up, about feeling different and the fact that being alive is not just having a beating heart. Hope that you will enjoy our journey!


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