Month: November 2015

First baby steps

It is a long journey from having an idea to finally having a film in cinemas around Europe. We will probably repeat this phrase a lot the coming years. But it is true. But why? If we would… Read More

An extra pair of eyes

When you tell what in which way to the audience of a film, is key to how exiting, dramatic and or how funny things will┬ábe for that audience. As writers we can sometime manipulate time like gods: ‘shall… Read More


It’s wonderful how things in live can happen. I live and work in Utrecht, the Netherlands. And one fine day I sold the movie rights from one of my books (The Extraordinary Diaries of Victor Veggiestein) to this… Read More

Welcome to our journey!

And here we are; proud to announce the development of the animation feature film Roboy. Like every great journey this journey starts small. One rookie movie writer (The grey guy on the right) and two writers/producers with the… Read More